Case 3 – Tooth Replantation

A 12 year old patient came with a right central incisor in small bottle filled with milk. H come to the clinic within 30 min of injury and the incisor came out completely. Luckily parents had the presence of mind to bring to bring the tooth along This was and emergency and to much relief of parents the tooth was placed in the socket immediately by Dr.Himanshu Agarwal and stabilized.

Case 2 – Tooth Colored Filling

18 year old patient having gap in the front teeth which was filled using composite on the same day saving patient multiple visits.

Case 1 PFM Bridge

25 year old female who was getting married in one months time was not at all happy with her looks due to missing front tooth. But in two appointments her missing tooth was replaced with a fixed bridge giving her wonderful smile and happy marriage photographs.